What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your tour. 

Is transportation provided to the tour location?

At this time, transportation is not provided. 

Can I bring my own ghost hunting equipment? 

Yes! It is strongly encouraged any and all of your own equipment. You do not have to invest in expensive ghost hunting equipment either. Cameras, audio records, and cell phones are sufficient enough to experience paranormal activity. Tours will also include the education and use of ghost hunting equipment on site.

Is the tour location handicap accessible?

The tours are conducted in older establishments and cannot guarantee that all areas are handicap accessible. 

Will there be hired actors scaring me?

No; there are no hired actors jumping out and scaring tour adventurers. 

Will I see or experience a ghost?

That is our goal! We will provide you the education and tools to help make contact with the resident ghosts. There is no guarantee that you will experience paranormal activity.